Live Tracker™ Open Source

Thanks for your interest in Live TrackerLive Tracker™ open source

Live Tracker open source is a simple website traffic monitoring solution that helps Webmasters, Marketers, Content Developers and Web Designers understand visitor behavior as it happens.

This version of Live Tracker open source contains:

The first release of Live Tracker open source is built as a JEE Web Application that can be installed on the JEE infrastructure (Only Servlet Container is sufficient) on which, the website that is to be tracked, is running. The web application is built on Java 1.5, Java Servlet Specification 2.4, JSTl 1.2, Javascript with AJAX and XHTML-Strict.

Please note that all the features given in Live Tracker service are not available on Live Tracker open source

Please select the appropriate method of download of Live TrackerLive Tracker™ open source for your operating / hosting environment from the following list:

Please refer to the installation guide for details on installing Live Tracker.

If you need any help, please contact WEBMASTER [at] LIVE-TRACKER.COM and we will assist you as much as we can.